Your Rust Log

This course is working with a work-in-progress language. It is inevitable that you will run into inconveniences: incomprehensible error messages both from the parser and the type checker; inexplicable behavior; bugs in the project manager (cargo), compiler (rustc), and/or run-time system; and missing libraries (expected because you know them from your favorite language). With an evolving product, this is par for the course.

Objective One objective of this course is to provide the designers of Rust feedback "from the trenches." This is one of the differences between a college and a university. Our focus are error messages from the compiler (parser, type checker, etc) and bugs in any of the systems.

Logging Egregious Error Messages Keep a personal log file of the problems with error messages that you encounter. Over time, you will develop a sense of which ones to record and which ones to ignore.

For each problem, record the date and the compiler version (rustc -V).

Presenting Egregious Error Messages At the beginning of each regular meeting, we will give all of you a chance to vent about the message that you found most irritating. Be sure to have at least one ready. We will try to discuss each pair’s "favorite".

The log will also help you write the language evaluation memo at the end of the course.