Homework Guidelines

Objective The purpose of the eight homework assignments is to introduce you to Rust — its linguistic constructs, its type system, its concurrency model, and its standard library — in preparation of the Projects and the language evaluation.

Due date Each assignment comes with due dates. If the assignment requests a essay, the due date for it and the programming component are specified separately.

Organization For plain programming assignments, create a folder whose name uses the following format:


where n is the number of the assignment, and last1 and last2 are the last names of the partners in alphabetical order. The folder must contain all code and a README.txt file that lists and explains all files and folders.

For Rust code, use Cargo to create a project folder within n_last1_last2. Use the name of the program for the Rust project.

Submission On the due date, submit a gzipped tar ball to Dr. Tov. If you have a essay due on that date , include it as a single PDF file called


within n_last1_last2.

A properly formatted essay uses an 11pt font and has a (top, bottom, sides) margin of at least one inch.

Evaluations We will run your submissions on a Linux box like the login-linux. So while you are welcome to develop Rust code on your favorite platform, please make sure the program runs as specified on a Linux box.

Late? We will not accept any late homework.