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Announcements The front page of the course’s web site is also the announcement page. Most of the announcements will point to small corrections to the weekly projects and responses to general email inquiries.

Consult it at least once per day.

Email You are welcome to send email to the course staff and you are almost always guaranteed to get an answer within 24 hours:



Email at ccs.neu.edu

Matthias Felleisen



Tony Garnock-Jones



Vishesh Yadav



If you send email to other addresses, we will ignore them because they violate the course specifications and learning to live up to specifications is critical.

Office Hours You are welcome to meet face-to-face with the course staff during office hours:



Office Hours



Matthias Felleisen


Wednesday 5–6pm


WVH 308 B

Tony Garnock-Jones


Thursday 5–6pm


WVH 308

Vishesh Yadav


Friday 4–5pm


WVH 308, couch

If you need additional help from the instructor, don’t hesitate to drop in or make a one-on-one appointment.

When do meet face-to-face with the course staff, please come with your partner.