the game

Overview Santorini is a two-player board game. The board is a 6 x 6 grid of squares. Each player is allocated two workers. At the beginning of the game, the players place their workers on four distinct squares of the board, one at a time. The "foo-est" player starts, and the players take turns placing their workers.

Once the workers are placed, the players take turns to move their workers and use them to construct buildings. A building consists of up to four floors. Workers is always on the top floor of a building and can climb buildings (but not to the forth floor) and can jump from buildings. The first player to place a worker on the third floor wins.

Specifics The game is governed by the following basic rules.

If it is P’s turn, (1) P must move one worker and, (2) P must use this worker to add a floor to a neighboring building, unless the worker ended up on the third floor of a building,

A worker can move to any of the up to eight neighboring fields, subject to the following constraints:
  • there is no other worker on the target field;

  • a worker may jump down any number of floors; and

  • the building on the target field is at most one floor taller than the one where the worker is currently located.

The moved worker can add a floor to a neighboring building if the building doesn’t already have four floors and no other worker occupies the square.

The game ends when
  • a player’s worker can reaches the third level of a building; or

  • a player can’t move any worker to at least a two-story (or shorter) building; or

  • a player can move a worker but not add a floor to a building after the move.

In the first case, the active player is the winner of the game, in the last two cases the opponent is the winner.