Read Me


Add a README.{txt|md} file to the weekly project directory. The first item in the file explains the purpose of the project. Extend the file with the weekly assignments.

They do say that the best way to keep a secret on a computer is to place it in a file named README.

In general, use the README.{txt|md} to

– state purpose of each folder and file in the directory (excluding itself).

– demonstrate how to run the test harness for each assignment or the entire project (when done). If the program is interactive, explain how to communicate with the program.

– explain how to run internal unit tests so that a maintainer can start by formulating a failed unit test for a bug fix.

– sketch a roadmap base so that new readers can figure out how to navigate the repository. You may wish to use diagrams for this task to explain the relationship among the pieces, their interactions, etc.