3810 W '02
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General Information

Goal: The course is a directed reading and discussion course. We will use Pierce's new book on type theory as a study guide. In addition, we will use some selected texts on related topics, especially operational semantics (abstract machines), type soundness, and possibly additional type systems.

Work: You will need to read a fair amount. Readingmeans working through a text, understanding all the examples, relating the readings to practical work, and on occasion, solving the exercises in the text. Readingalso means that you are able to get up in class and present a 10 minute summary of your readings that can serve as the basis of a useful discussion.

I may also assign programming assignments or even projects. You should use CAML, Haskell, SML, or PLT Scheme for these projects. If you wish to use some other functional language or a modeling language or a theorem proving language, please ask me first.

Grades: A mature, self-motivated student will receive an A.

Meetings: The meetings will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00pm in Egan 222C.

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