CS G369 '10


Jan 12MatthiasIdea of Course
Jan 15MatthiasPrehistory
Jan 18 propose a first theme
Jan 19popl---
Jan 22popl---
Jan 26 deliver (at least) three bib entries and abstracts for first theme
Jan 26popl---
Jan 29MatthiasMore Prehistory
Feb 01 deliver paper copies of all citations for first theme
Feb 02 commit to first presentation date
Feb 02MatthiasLambda Calculus and Operational Semantics
Feb 05MatthiasLambda Calculus and Denotational Semantics
Feb 09MatthiasStructural Operational Semantics
Feb 12MatthiasLambda Calculus, Scheme, and Operational Semantics
Feb 16ZaneHygienic Macros
Feb 16---Macros Matter: a talk by Robby Findler on the same theme
Feb 19PaulType Soundness
Feb 23DimitrisPoints-to analysis for Java
Feb 26StephenType 'Dynamic'
Mar 09AaronRepresentation Independence and Data Abstraction
Mar 11 propose a second theme
Mar 12ChristosRefinement Type
Mar 16JonathanInference and Effects
Mar 18 deliver bibtex and abstracts for second theme
Mar 19StevieType Systems for Non-standard Class Operations
Mar 23DanOVERDUE: Composing Effects
Mar 25 deliver paper copies for second theme
Mar 26 commit to second presentation date
Mar 26VincentContinuations as Intermediate Representations
Mar 30AhmedObject Calculi
Apr 02------
Apr 06AlecANF cs CPS in Compilers
Apr 09VincentCompiling with Types
Apr 13StephenDelimited Control
Apr 16PaulCombinators and Machines
Apr 20StevieTypes for Parameterized Modules
Apr 23DanParametricity
Apr 27AaronTypes for Message-passing Concurrency
Apr 30DimitrisProgram Analysis in First-order Languages
May 04JonathanOVERDUE: Symbolic Execution (prelim)
May 11esl---
May 11ChristosDesign by Contract
May 14ZaneOVERDUE: Partial Evaluation

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