CS G369 '04


The first meeting is on Jan 5, 2004 in Forsyth 126 (that's building 55 on the campus map) at 6:00pm.

1  Jan 5MatthiasIdea of Course
1  Jan 5MatthiasPrehistory of Semantics
1  Jan 5MatthiasMore Prehistory
2  Jan 12MatthiasDenotational Semantics
2  Jan 12MatthiasDomains and Universal Domains
2  Jan 12MatthiasDenotational Semantics and Language Design
3  Jan 26MatthiasOperational Semantics: The lambda Calculus
3  Jan 26MatthiasStructural Operational Semantics
3  Jan 26MatthiasContext-Sensitive Term Rewriting and Calculi
4  Feb 2RichardType Soundness Proofs
4  Feb 2VasileiosPolymorphic Type Inference
4  Feb 2EthanInference of Values (SBA)
5  Feb 9VieraSemantics of OOPLs
5  Feb 9TheoReflection (FP)
5  Feb 9DanielProgram Design (70s)
6  Feb 23CarlThe Curry-Howard Isomorphism
6  Feb 23DaveDependent Types
6  Feb 23FelixTypes and Regions
7  Feb 26RyanMacro Expansion
7  Feb 26OwenPartial Evaluation
7  Feb 26SamOrigins of Logic Programming
8  Mar 8JeffHardware Description Languages
8  Mar 8DaleOrigins of Theorem Proving
8  Mar 8MikeTesting in the 1970s and 80s
9  Mar 11RichardOrigins of Garbage Collection
9  Mar 11PeterReal-time Garbage Collection
9  Mar 11GregWeb Scripting
10  Mar 15VieraModern Semantics of OOPLs
10  Mar 15DanielComponents and Contracts
10  Mar 15RyanModules from Dependent Types
11  Mar 18DaveMacros for C-Style Syntax
11  Mar 18SamModern Control Operators
11  Mar 18GregCSP, CCS, PI
12  Mar 22PeterMobile Processes
12  Mar 22MikeLittle Languages
12  Mar 22OwenDomain Specific Languages
13  Mar 25TheoReflection (OOP)
13  Mar 25CarlProof-Carrying Code
13  Mar 25VasileiosTIL/TAL
14  Mar 29FelixPolytypic Programming
14  Mar 29JeffCompilers from Attribute Grammars
14  Mar 29EthanAbstract Machines
15  Apr 05DaleSecond Generation Theorem Provers
15  Apr 05RichardAcquisition
15  Apr 05RyanFunctional (Lisp) Stepping
16  Apr 12DaveCorrectness Proofs for CFA/SBA
16  Apr 12GregBoxes and Lines
16  Apr 12DaleMeta-theoretical frameworks

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