¤ Design bad-cards. The function consumes a list of cards and a date (number); it extracts all those cards whose dates occur before the given date. Start with the data definition. You may use local if an expression might be computed twice.



[5pts total, see below]

;; [1pt for data definition of LOCT]
;; LOCT is one of: 
;; -- empty 
;; -- (cons CT LOCT)

;; [1pt for correct contract and purpose]
;; bad-cards : LOCT Number -> LOCT 
;; extract all those cards whose dop is before dt 
(define (bad-cards l dt)
    [(empty? l) empty]
    ;; [2 pt for correct local definitions: fst and rst]
    [else (local ((define fst (first l))
                  (define rst (bad-cards (rest l) dt)))
            (cond ;; [1pt for correctness]
              [(< (card-dop fst) dt) (cons fst rst)]
              [else rst]))]))

;; Alternately done with FILTER [3 points]
(define (bad-cards l dt)
  (filter (lambda (ct) (< (card-dop ct) dt)) l))