CSU211 Exam 2 - Fall 2005 


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\bullet Write down the answers in the space provided.

\bullet You may use the usual primitives and expressions in ISL with lambda, especially those suggested in hints; for everything else, define it. You must use loops for full credit if the problem asks you to do so; otherwise you may use loops.

\bullet Design your functions systematically, using the design recipes that you know from class. You are not required to provide a template unless the problem specifically asks for one. Be prepared, however, to struggle with the development of function bodies if you choose to skip the template step.

\bullet You may obtain a maximum of 54 points.

\bullet We will not answer any questions concerning the exam or the 211 material during the exam. Period. Really. Don't bother to ask.

Good luck.

Problem Points out of
1 12
2 14
3 5
4 6
5 8
6 5
X 4
Total 54
Base 50

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