CSU211 Exam 2 - Fall 2004 


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¤ Write down the answers in the space provided.

¤ You may use all forms and functions that you know from Intermediate Student. If you need a function and you don't know whether it is provided, define it. You must use loops when required; you may use them otherwise.

¤ Remember that the phrase ``develop a function'' means to design a function according to the design recipe. You are not required to provide a template unless the problem specifically asks for one. However, be prepared to struggle with the development of function bodies if you choose to skip the template step.

¤ You may obtain a maximum of 55 points. Of those, 5 points are extra credit; we will therefore use 50 points as the basis for the evaluation of the exam.

¤ We will not answer any questions during the exam.

Good luck.

Problem Points
1 7
2 17
3 8
4 10
5 8
X 5
Total 55
Base 50 50

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