211 F '05
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Submit homework set 1 in printed form at the beginning of class on Monday, 9/12, to your instructor.

Submit homework sets 2 through 10 as a single text via the DrScheme submission functionality. To do so, login via your CCIS account and/or download DrScheme v299.400 (see tab on left). Then install a .plt file as follows:

  1. Close DrScheme if it is open.
  2. Download the csu211.plt Save it to your desktop.
  3. Start DrScheme.
  4. Select `File | Install .plt File' in DrScheme. Choose the `File' tab and then use the `Browse' button to find the csu211.plt file that you downloaded in step 2.
  5. Click on Open. Click on OK. Wait. When you see "Done setting up", the hand-in program is installed.
  6. Close DrScheme.
When you open DrScheme next time, you will see a hand-in button in the tool bar.

Handing in a Homework

When you fire up DrScheme after installing the .plt file, you will see the "CSU211 Handin" button. Click on it. You should now see a dialog that looks like this:

        Username:  ____________________
        Password:  ____________________
        Assignment:  submit-test

        [ CSU211 Handin ]  [ Cancel ]

After using this button for a while, your username will probably be filled in automatically. The assignment field will be a drop-down menu that allows you to select among those assignments that are still accepting submissions.

Make sure your username and assignment fields are correct before you hand-in your work. Enter the password you chose during registration (see below). Then hit the "CSU211 handin". The label at the top should change to "Handin successful."

To submit a pair homework:

Let's assume that Ryan (username ryanc) and Richard (cobbe) are partners. One of them hits the handin button and then fills in the dialog as follows:

        Username:  cobbe+ryanc
        Password:  ...
        Assignment: submit-test
Use both partner's IDs, separated by a plus sign. (Either order.)

Use either cobbe's password or ryanc's password, not both. (As a consequence, either partner can submit a homework without the other one being present.)


Once and only once before you hand-in homework solutions via the server, you must register. You will probably do so in lab. If you miss the lab, here is how this works. Within DrScheme, choose `File | Manage CSU211 Account ...'. Then:

  1. The form is largely self-explanatory: Username is up to you; it must be lowercase alphanumeric and start with a lowercase letter. This does not have to match your CCIS id, though it can if you want.
  2. Full name should match the registrar's list if you want a grade.
  3. ID: last 4 digits of student ID (so we can disambiguate).
  4. Password: this protects access to your grades and homework submissions. We treat it securely (HTTPS); so should you.
  5. Each student in a partnership must register independently.
You should only have to register once.

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