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General Information


Instructors: Profs. Matthias Felleisen (Office Hours: Thu 10:35 - 12:00),
Viera Proulx (Office Hours: Mon 2:00 - 3:00) ,
Ron Williams (Office Hours: Tue 12:00-1:00)

Teaching Assistants: Richard Cobbe, Greg Pettyjohn, Jamie Raymond, Eric Robinson, Dale Vaillancourt

Tutors: Julia Bravermann, Rachel Mark, Thomas Witzel, Dan, Bruce, Chris, Rob

Everyone on the course staff is available for consultations to every student.

For the Teaching Assistants and the Tutors, the office hours are listed on a separate office hours page. Please consult this page for finding help.


Lectures: The course has three lecture sections:
ThMoWe 09:15amSH 135Felleisen
ThMoWe 10:30amSH 220Proulx
ThMoTu 01:35pmSH 220Williams
You must sign up for one section and make an effort to attend this section on a regular basis.

Labs: The course also has lab sections. The labs start on Thursday, September 19. You must sign up for a lab section during your first lecture, and you must make an effort to attend this lab section on a weekly basis. The purpose of labs is to give you some hands-on experience with the actual tools, and to explain some of the principles from lecture with hands-on examples.

Computing Environment: You will do your assignments in DrScheme v202, a programming environment for Scheme. DrScheme is installed on the CCS computers. DrScheme is also freely available on the Web (see link). You may install it on your computer at home and work there.

DrScheme runs on most popular platforms (see link). Programs written in DrScheme have the same behavior on all platforms. You therefore do not need to worry what kind of machine you use when you run DrScheme.

Assignments: There will be a problem set each week. The problem sets consist of around 10 - 12 problems, drawn from the book and a supplementary Web page. We will drop the worst homework grade from consideration for the final grade. You may therefore choose to skip one homework set; we'll just assign a zero (0) for this homework.

Due Date: Paper copies of your homeworks are due on Friday at 12:00pm (noon) in the CCS front office.

We will not accept late homework.

Pair Programming: You must work on your homework problems in pairs. Please introduce yourself to others in class and find a homework partner as soon as possible.

Pair programming means that you and your partner study the problem sets individually and possibly even sketch out solutions. Then you meet and jointly develop solutions to each problem. One of you--the driver--types, and the other one--the co-pilot--looks over the driver's shoulders. When something isn't clear, it is the co-driver's responsibility to question the approach. You must switch roles during such a problem solving session. Every partner must be able to solve every homework problem in the end.

Warning: You must be able to solve every homework problem on your own.

Are you sure you have read the warning?

You are free to collaborate at will with others on the problem sets. If you do so, you must acknowledge all collaborators on your cover page. Failure to do so may result in reductions of your homework grade.

Exams: We will have two three hour exams to assess your progress. The exams will take place on Oct 21, 7-10pm, and on Nov 25, 7-10pm. The exams will take place in Richards Hall #300 and #485.

The exams will test material similar to that assigned in weekly homeworks. You will take the exams by yourself. Collaboration is not tolerated. If you make sure that you can do every the homework problem on your own, the exams will be easy. If not, you will probably have a difficult time with the exams.

Grades: You will get a grade for your homework and a grade for your exams. Both must be passing grades; otherwise you cannot pass the course. For the final grade, we will assign a weight of 35% to the homework grade and a weight of 60% to the two exams. The remaining 5% are up to the instructors' whim.

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