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The Universe


From Worlds to Universes (beta)

This page provides a first introduction to "universe" programming: the documentation, a first example, and the code for running the examples.
  1. universe.ss is the universe teachpack. It subsumes the world teachpack. Do not use both for one program.
  2. Documentation explains the universe teachpack, including the old world functionality. The first five sections are the current documentation of the world teachpack; the last three sections explain how the universe extends the world and provides new functionality. The very last section illustrates the universe teachpack with a fully worked example. The code for the example is listed in the next three bullets.
  3. balls.ss is the universe (server) for the "ball universe" from the last section in the documentation.
  4. carl.ss is one of the worlds from the example; and
  5. sam.ss is the other world.
Download all files and save them to the same directory. Open them in drscheme. Run the "balls universe" first; then run the "sam" and "carl" worlds. Sit back, relax, and watch the balls fly.

Oh and stop by for frequent updates of the universe.

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