To prospective Ph.D. students

I'm interested in doing research in natural language processing (NLP), where I design machine learning algorithms and computational models (e.g., neural networks, stochastic algorithms, probabilistic models, etc) for tasks on abstractive text summarization, language generation, argumentation mining, discourse analysis, and dialog analysis. I'm also interested in applying NLP and machine learning techniques for interdisciplinary subjects, e.g. computational social science. Specifically, there are four major ongoing research projects:

If any of these sounds interesting to you, please check out more about my research and papers at my website My students and I are also part of Northeastern NLP group. If you find your research agenda might be aligned with mine and are interested in working with me, please (1) contact me via email at (please include your recent CV and specify what research topics you are excited about), and (2) apply to College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) at Northeastern University and mention my name in your application.