Reddit CMV Argument Corpus (First Release, 2018)

Microblog Conversation Recommendation Corpus (First Release, 2018)

IDebate Argument Type Corpus (First Release, 2017)

Movie Review and Online Argument Corpus (First Release, 2016)

Socially-Informed Timeline Generation Corpus (First Release, 2015)

  • New York Times, CNN, and BBC news articles and user comments on four major events happened in 2014.
    New York Times news articles and user comments in 2013.
  •  DATA (.zip)
     README (.txt)
  • This corpus is distributed together with:
    Socially-Informed Timeline Generation for Complex Events
    Lu Wang, Claire Cardie, and Galen Marchetti
    Proceedings of the Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2015.

Wikipedia Disputed Discussion Corpus (First Release, 2016)