Read-Eval-Print Loop ("REPL")

Parameter repl-level

The value of this parameter is a nonnegative exact integer that is the current nesting level of read-eval-print loops.

Parameter repl-evaluator

The value of repl-evaluator is a procedure of two arguments, an expression and an environment. The procedure should evaluate the expression in the environment and return the result(s).

Parameter repl-printer

The value of repl-printer is a procedure of two arguments, a value to print and a port.

If the value to print is not #!unspecified, the procedure should print it on the current output port. The default printer is write in r5rs.heap and pretty-print in larceny.heap and twobit.heap.

Parameter repl-prompt

The value of repl-prompt is a procedure that takes two arguments, a level and an output port, and that prints a prompt corresponding to that level on the port.

Parameter herald

The value of herald is a string or #f. If a string, the read-eval-print loop prints the string when Larceny first starts up.

existence of repl

repl behavior in general, notably 
  - its control of current input and output and how you can't interactively
    change current input and output.
  - its control of the error handler, reset handler, quit handler, and 
    sundry interrupt handlers

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