Low-level Functionality

Procedure current-continuation-structure


Returns a transparent representation of the current continuation: a vector representing the innermost continuation frame. A field in the frame points to the parent frame, and so on.

Procedure make-trampoline

(make-trampoline procedure)

Returns an environment-less procedure that takes any number of arguments and tail-calls procedure with those arguments.

It is not possible to create a procedure with a shorter procedure structure than that of a trampoline. That fact may be relied on: a trampoline can be patched into any other procedure.

Procedure peek-bytes

(peek-bytes address buffer k)

Read k bytes from memory starting at address address and placing them in the bytevector buffer starting at index 0.

Procedure poke-bytes

(poke-bytes address buffer k)

Write k bytes from bytevector buffer starting at index 0 to memory starting at address address.

Procedure syscall

(syscall code obj1 ...)

Make a call on the Larceny run-time system function identified by code with arguments obj1 .... Returns what is returned by the system function.

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