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C++ Links

Stroustrup Bjarne's Page
Dec 1996 C++ Standard Working Paper
Guru of the Week

Deja (C++ moderated)

Josettis's Standard Library Book
Cay Horstmann (Safe STL)
Dinkum C/C++ Library
Rogue Wave Standard C++ Library
GNU C++ Library
C++ Libraries via FTP
GNU C Library

C++ Report
C/C++ Users Journal
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Association of C&C++ Users

Thinking in C++ (2nd)
C++ Annotations
Deitel&Deitel Series

Mathematics for Computer Science

Don Knuth's Home Page
Rosen's Discrete Mathematics Page

Linear Programming

Robert M. Freund (MIT)'s publications
Class Notes by Michael Goemans (MIT)

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