Anecdotes, Alibis, and Advice


Experience with Big and Small High Tech Businesses in Massachusetts (and beyond)


Dr. Donald A. Gaubatz



The aggressive professional-in-training considering his or her options for employment following graduation has a wide variety of opportunities from which to choose.  In spite of changes in the business climate, the maturation of some technical standards and the continued rapid evolution of others, and ongoing raw technological advancement, there are certain personal planning factors that should be considered by the graduate.


Dr. Donald A. Gaubatz left a university position in Washington, DC and moved to Massachusetts in 1978 to begin a career with DEC (during which he completed his Ph.D. at Cambridge University in England) and became Vice President of Workstations with offices in Maynard, MA and Palo Alto, CA.  He went on to do private investing and consulting on an international basis and, as a result of Advisory Board work with a local startup, was asked to join the firm as SVP/COO.  Dr. Gaubatz participated in proposing the National Center for Computer Graphics and Scientific Visualization to the NSF and was on its Advisory Board for the 11 years of NSF funding.  He is a Founding Member of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA and is the only member of the Microprocessor Report Editorial Board outside of Silicon Valley.


In addition to “Anecdotes, Alibis, and Advice”, Dr. Gaubatz will present his personal list of must-read references, as well as a few supporting “Artifacts”.  There may even be handouts.