TicTacTix - Doctor - Helping

The players receive a patient (program) with an unbalanced system that makes the patient make non-optimal decisions in the virtual world it lives in. Eventually, the patient will die if it does not move towards homeostasis. Your task is to balance the patient so that it makes better decisions that give it life energy and that will make it survive.

To make the patient successful, you need to understand the requirements which are based on the rules of the virtual world. Your goal is to equip your patient with skills that let it make better decisions than its peers do.

What are the decisions about? What is a good decision? A decision is good if the patient can support her decision when the decision is opposed by another patient.

The game difficulty is determined by the level of difficulty of the domain in which the decisions are formulated and by the therapy level of the game. The higher the therapy level the easier it is to play the game.

Mapping to SCG

The role of scholar is played by programs written by humans.

Short Explanation of SCG .

TicTacTix		SCG
Patient			Scholar 
Doctor			Programmer who improves program
Decision    		Claim 
Test given to patient	Problem		
Test results		Solution		
Become vulnerable	Propose Claim
Challenge patient	Oppose Claim

Therapy 1		Scholar only chooses from finite set of claims
                          does not have to propose new claims
Therapy 2		Scholar who is forced to choose a good claim
                          does not have to propose new claims
			  does not have to give out hard problems
			  only has to solve problems well