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Sample Page for a Calculus Lab: SaddlePointLab1

Interpreted predicate logic formula

ForAll x in [0,1] Exists y in [0,1]: x*y+(1-x)*(1-y*y)>= c, with one free variable c in [0,1].

This claim family SaddlePointLab1(c) consists of infinitely many claims.


Somewhere near t=0.618 is a tipping point. SaddlePointLab1(0.618) has a likelihood of 0.99 of being true. SaddlePointLab1(0.619) has a likelihood of 0.999 of being false.


For defending SaddlePointLab1(0.618): y = f(x) = ...

For refuting SaddlePointLab1(0.619): y = f(x) = ...

Tested test cases

For SaddlePointLab1(0.618): (x= ..., false) has a likelihood of ...

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