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Sample Page for an in-silico science

We take any science that is sufficiently well understood so that we have efficient simulation software that defines a sufficiently precise computable model. In biology, this is called an ``in-silico'' science. We consider a lab that formulates claims about the science. An example of a claim is SolarCell(R,t,s,f) which will be used in the context of a game \[ G(SolarCell(R,t,s,f),p1,p2,verifier,falsifier) \] where p1 and p2 are the two players. We assume that p1 wants to be the verifier and p2 wants to be the falsifier. If the falsifier gives to the verifier raw materials, energy and equipment of kind and amount R, the verifier produces in time t a quadratic solar cell of area s and efficiency f that lasts for 10 years under daily use. In the game the falsifier provides, all in silico, raw materials etc. of kind and amount R, and the verifier is given time t to apply its secret construction to produce a solar cell of the predicted size and efficiency. If the verifier does not produce what it predicted it is said to be in a contradiction and the verifier loses the game.