Scientific Community Game Publications

Technical Report: Theory of Side-Choosing Games

Submitted to Economics and Computation Conference 15. Was rejected because key concept is only defined in the appendix and other organizational problems. Collusion-Resistant Tournament Design to Create and Disseminate Knowledge in Formal Sciences CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2015-20, February 2015.

Technical Report with Raghav Gali

Theory of Side-Choosing Games to Create and Disseminate Knowledge in Formal Science Domains CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2015-2, January 2015.

Technical Report with Ruiyang Xu using Monotonicity Properties

A working paper simplifying some of the theory in Ahmed's dissertation. Collusion-Resistant Evaluation of Side-Choosing Games CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2014-20, September 2014.

Ahmed Abdelmeged's Dissertation May 2014

Ahmed Abdelmeged's dissertation on Organizing Computational Problem Solving Communities. May 2014.

HCOMP 2013 Submission

Crowdsourcing Formal Decision Making Using Generalized Semantic Games, CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2013-29, May 2013.

Onward 2013 Submission (research papers)

Crowdsourcing of Formal Scientific Knowledge, CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2013-18, April 2013.

Wikipedia for Formal Science

Web Page

Modeling Formal Science (Submission, Extended Abstract to Web Science 2013)

Web Page

Ahmed Abdelmeged's Thesis Proposal

Thesis Proposal by Ahmed Abdelmeged, Crowdsourcing of Computational Problem Solving, CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2013-10, March 2013.

Thesis Proposal Slides Crowdsourcing Formal Decision Making Using Generalized Semantic Games

Web Science 2013 Submission

FSCP: A Platform for Crowdsourcing Formal Science, submitted for publication, CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2013-12, March 2013.

Foundations of Digital Games 2013 Submission

The Scientific Community Game, submitted for publication, CCIS Technical Report NU-CCIS-2012-19, October 2012.

Piazza Based Course 2012

Algorithms and Data (CS 4800) | Piazza for Algorithm Students | Piazza Interface for Algorithmic Problem_Solving

Conference 2010

Bionetics Keynote Paper 2010

``The Specker Challenge Game for Education and Innovation in Constructive Domains'', Karl Lieberherr, Ahmed Abdelmeged and Bryan Chadwick, Keynote paper at Bionetics 2010 Cambridge, MA, December 2010.

Bionetics Keynote Presentation 2010

Poster 2011

Northeastern University Research Expo 2011

SourceForge 2011

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