Sometimes working in groups of two using the SCG is not good enough. A group of two can get stuck and not solve the problem.

Therefore, for some of the hws we will use a wiki in Blackboard to allow larger groups to play together to solve the problem. The exchange of problems and solution will reveal useful information tthat helps to figure out a general solution.

The multi-player game works as follows:

Any student may join and post a claim that does not exist.

Any student may select a claim for a refutation attempt and then play through the refutation protocol.

Any student may strengthen a claim. The owner of the claim must then try to refute the strengthened claim.

Any student, other than the owner of C, may agree with a claim C that it is optimum, i.e., it cannot be opposed. The student must demonstrate the she can refute the negation of C against the owner of C. If the owner of C does not agree that the claim is optimum, she must either refute or strengthen and defend her strengthened claim. If the owner of C also agrees then the claim becomes "social welfare".

Note that here in the wiki multi-player version we don't have the notion of turns. It is an adaptation of the SCG. Please make sure that all protocols are properly finished.