Bootstrapping SCG

Designing a crowdsourcing system is a complex problem. A system for crowdsourcing the solution for complex problems should be capable for improving itself with the help of the crowd. This will result in a system by the crowd for the crowd.

The crowd not only takes sides and defends the chosen side, the crowd also proposes claims. The algorithms for defending those claims are composed to define the crowdsourcing system.

Some of the claims proposed by the crowd will get attention because they are perceived to improve SCG while others will be forgotten.

Give example of computational problem whose solution is needed for better crowdsourcing: Find ranking functions satisfying NNEW, NPEL, and CR.

When the crowd has the capability to propose new claims there is a need to evaluate tose claims. New claims which are intended to help solve exisiting claims new to be supported with a reduction claim. New claims which add new capabilities need to be motivated to convince others that they are significant and worth to spend time on.