An Innovation Platform for Computational Social Science

Scholars make claims with an unambiguous refutation protocol attached which defines the steps to potentially successfully refute the claims. The steps are moves in a serious game where proposer and opposer provide information, both public as well as secret until the end of the protocol. This information is checked by the protocol rules which declare either successful refutation or defense. [i.e., the possibility to critique and replicate are built in. See]

The platform consists of a scientific arena consisting of numerous science grounds. The platform is generic and is parameterized by a science ground interface. Each science ground defines the context for scholars to collaborate/compete following the scholar interface. A science ground defines the concepts of Instance and Solution and various predicates and functions. A science ground is defined by a subcommunity that agrees with the norms and rules. If they don't, they can start a new science ground. Science ground interfaces are similar to playground interfaces described in

Scholars both make claims and try to refute or strengthen claims by others. The scholar interface is similar to the Piazza Scholar Interface:

Based on the Scientific Community Game (SCG). Specker Challenge Game (SCG) SCG plays the role of a knowledge accelerator described in:

SCG proposes a new publication platform, helps to analyze scientific productivity, helps to discover high-quality work and is a co-creation tool.