Directions to Northeastern University and my office

Campus Map and Directions
The College of Computer and Information Science
is located in West Village Building H (or WVH for short).
WVH is located just west of the building numbered
36. You can not miss it: it is the tallest building 
facing the Museum of Fine Arts.

My office number is 308 A inside the Programming Research Lab
308 on the third floor. After you enter the lab door, go left straight to the big
windows towards the Museum of Fine Arts, then take a right
and my office is at the next and only glass door.

The administrative offices are in room 202 WVH.

If you have a problem getting into the building or my office,
call me at 617 373 2077.

Visitor Parking and Directions. 
Please park in the Renaissance Garage.
Campus Map and Directions, Renaissance Garage
Walk through Ruggles Station and towards the Museum of Fine Arts.
We are in West Village H.

By public transportation: Take the Orange Line to "Ruggles"
or the Green Line to "Northeastern". Or take the
train to "Ruggles".

Prof. Karl Lieberherr
Director, Center for Software Sciences
Northeastern University
360 Avenue of the Arts
College of Computer and Information Science
MS WVH-202
Boston, MA 02115

phone: (617) 373 2077 (office)
       (617) 721 2663 (home)
fax:   (617) 373 5121