Syllabus CS 5500 Spring 2011

Prerequisites: Boot Camp (or significant programming experience).

Grading Criteria:

Weekly projects: 30%
Midterm: 20%
Final Exam: 20%
Final Project: 30% (includes performance of your avatar)

The syllabus is subject to adjustments.

The syllabus for the course will follow the text book by Bruegge. The sequence will not be linear through book because we implement the SCG Arena project and use the material from the book to help us. We will also cover additional topics that help us with the project: Modularity and Aspect-Oriented and Adaptive Software Development.

Week 1: Introduction to the SCG project. Discuss project 1. Lecture L1 from text book. Questions: Based on the requirements document for Arena: Does the Scientific Community Game fit into Arena? Can the two be combined?

Week 2: Lecture L2 from text book. Discuss project 2. Add intelligence to the baby avatar given to you.