In this course you will apply much of your CS knowledge
to breathe life into avatars that need to
survive in a virtual world of avatars created by your peers.
We will also create an arena for the avatars.
In order to create effective and fair teams, we want to make sure
that no team is loaded with one skill while other teams 
lack that skill.

Your skills:

Please estimate your skills in the following topics on a scale
from 0-10: 0: no skill, 10: excellent skills.

Programming (indicate your preferred language)

Java programming

Object-oriented design

Theory of computation
  Grammars and ambiguous grammars (context-free)
  Developing grammars for languages defined by examples
  P (problems solvable in polynomial time)
  Satisfiability problem, propositional calculus

  Maximizing and minimizing functions
  Taking derivatives of polynomials

Discrete Structures (Discrete Mathematics)
  Number representations
  Combinations and permutations
  Binomial coefficients and binomial theorem
  Pascal's triangle
  Probabilities of events (involving dice)
  Inclusion-exclusion principle
  Growth of functions
  Recurrence relations

This material is not a prerequisite but some of you might know it:

Algorithm design
  Greedy Algorithms
  Divide and Conquer
  Dynamic Programming
  Local Search 

Algorithm analysis

Linear algebra

Also indicate which of those courses you have taken:
Linear Algebra
Probability and Statistics
Calculus 1
Calculus 2

Please send your response to this questionnaire to where the subject starts with: