Pair Programming Session Report

Date: March 14, 2002
Place: 201 CN
Coder: Linus Torvalds Explainer: Stephen King
Start Time: 7:25pm End Time: 11:00pm
Interruptions: 10 (check mail) + 15 (break for coffee)
Agenda (what you plan to accomplish):
Debug previous attempt at MP1 Q3. Work on MP1 Q4-6.

Actual Accomplishments:
Fixed problem with Q3 (used eqv? instead of equal?). Solved Q4 and Q5. Stuck on Q6. Maybe using wrong grammar? Next time try
A ::= empty | (B . A)

instead of

A ::= (B*)

Time on Task: 3:35 - :25 = 3:10.
/s/ Linus Torvalds /s/ Stephen King
Coder Explainer