Project 7

CSU 670 Fall 2007
Out: October 27, 2007
Due on November 2, 2007.
This subproject consists of 2 parts: Competition of two algorithmic players, and outsourcing interface.

Competition of two algorithmic players

Find an algorithmic SDG player from another team and let it play with your algorithmic player and your administrator. If there are problems, negotiate the interface with the other team and make your player conform to the resulting interface. The purpose of this step is to eliminate any interface problems and other problems before the big competition. Turn in a report of the interface problems you resolved. For interface dicsussion use the wiki at: What you write on the wiki will be a part of what you turn in. The wiki should be used to push the best interface for the project. We had many such discussions in class and on the mailing list.

Interface to your outsourcing team

Consider this: Each derivative d has an optimal price inf-max(d). You buy the derivative if the price is below inf-max(d). You offer the derivative with a price above inf-max(d). We need to find inf-max(d).

Each derivative d has a worst possible raw material if we fix the number of variables. We need to find such a worst possible raw material.

Each raw material for derivative d has an assignment J that satisfies at least the fraction inf-max(d) of the clauses. We need to find such an assignment J.

I have recruited some talented off-shore/near-shore and on-shore mathematicians/programmers that have agreed to write programs for the above tasks. Turn in your interface proposals (Java interfaces) that you want to use to get this information.

This is an excercise in working with outsourcing teams, possibly in a foreign country.

Turn in the interface in the form given in: This is the outsourcing interface used in the previous course.