You have three choices for using Eclipse in the course:
CCIS UNIX machines, CCIS Windows machines,
and your own machines with lots of RAM.

On CCIS UNIX machines:
You can run eclipse by typing


from any directory on which you have write permission.
Eclipse will make a directory named "workspace" in your current working
Any eclipse project in the future will be a single directory in
the workspace directory.

On CCIS Windows machines:
You can find the shortcut to eclipse in "All Programs" folder.
The default location where eclipse saves your project is

To install and run eclipse on your own machine:

The latest version of Eclipse is 3.1, you can find and download Eclipse 3.1 package from following page:

choose the correct platform version for your machine, After download and extract the package to somewhere
you would like it to be. You may find eclipse.exe in the directory you created.

To install and run GEF and Omondo plug-ins on your own machine:
You need these two plug-ins to succeed in this course.
Download these two plug-ins from:

After the downloading is completed, simply extract these two packages into
the "plugins"
subdirectory of your eclipse home directory. This will allow Eclipse to
automatically search and use those plug-ins that you installed.

Jun Gong
CCS Northeastern Univ.