QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CSG 260: Advanced Software Development

Answer by email to as soon as possible

  1. Name, address, phone number, (CCS) username.
  2. Do you have an off-campus e-mail address that I should use.
  3. Year (first-year grad student, etc.), full-time or part-time?
  4. Have you taken the Object-Oriented Design Course?
  5. Have you taken Principles of Programming Languages or Analysis of Algorithms (core courses)?
  6. How much programming experience do you have? in Java? in C/C++?
  7. What CS courses are you currently taking?
  8. If you have had jobs in computing, briefly describe the most recent job.
  9. Why are you taking this course? What are your goals and expectations? What do you want out of this class?
  10. If people often mispronounce your name, describe how to pronounce your name correctly using rhymes or a phonetic spelling.
  11. Are you a PhD student or do you plan to become one in the near future? Are you interested in working towards a publication? Such as: