DAJ Setup and Usage at CCS


In order to be able to use the DAJ compiler and tools from your CCS account you need to first complete the following steps:
From Doug Orleans:

I have put a new release of DAJ on the SourceForge page:


For those new to DAJ: in a nutshell, DAJ is an extension to AspectJ
that adds traversal strategies and class dictionaries.  It performs
basically the same function as DemeterJ, except that you can write
your behavior in AspectJ instead of in .beh files.  It also uses the
latest version of the strategy algorithm (in the AP Library) to
generate the traversals.  It also uses ANTLR, an open source Java
parser generator, instead of JavaCC, which is not open source and is
not being actively developed.

For those using CCS systems, I've installed daj, antlr, and the latest
version of ajc into /proj/demsys/demeterj/bin. Put this directory
into your PATH.
You'll also need
various runtime support jar files on your class path to run
DAJ-generated code:

setenv CLASSPATH .:/proj/demsys/demeterj/new/rt.jar:/proj/demsys/demeterj/lib/aspectjrt.jar:/proj/demsys/demeterj/lib/antlr.jar

Let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions or comments.

Please feel free to use the SourceForge trackers:

Testing your Setup

To test your setup for DAJ type the following at your shell prompt:


To compile a class dictionary, write file my.cd containing "A = String Ident." and run daj *.cd

In the gen directory you will find the code produced for class A.

For information on AspectJ in general visit The AspectJ Web Page