Computing Weighted Averages

It's easy to compute a weighted average incorrectly if you're not careful. A weighted average should have the property that if an assignment has a weight of, say 10% of the final grade, it should have that weight whether the assignment is graded on a scale of 100 or a scale of 20.

The following bit of code does the weighted-average algorithm correctly:

(define weighted-average
  (lambda (scores maxes weights)
    (let ((weighted-sum
                (lambda (score max weight) (* (/ score max) weight))
                scores maxes weights)))
          (total-weight (sum weights)))
      (/ weighted-sum total-weight))))

(define sum
  (lambda (l)
    (if (null? l) 0 (+ (car l) (sum (cdr l))))))
The actual average is computed in Excel using this algorithm.

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