Software Development CSG 110 Spring 2008 (Specker Derivative Game)

We implement an algorithmic financial derivative trading game: Specker Algorithmic Derivative Trading Game . I believe in learning about software development by doing it from requirements to a finished high quality product that wins in a game competition. From an existing product, we will develop a software product line. See Software Product Lines..

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Required text book:

The Pragmatic Programmer, latest edition
Addison Wesley
 The Pragmatic Programmer Page 

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Teaching Assistant: Feng Zhou

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Undergraduate Version of this course with a similar project.

We will use connections between XML, Java, UML, aspect-oriented software development and Demeter (primarily DemeterJ and DemeterF and DJ) to develop flexible software: DemeterF: Functions and Traversals Combined | DJ: A simple tool for Java programmers | DJ Fact Sheet | DJ API

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Using Java compilers at CCS.
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