DAJ directions by Theo Skotiniotis:

Here is what to do in order to use DAJ on CCIS. 

   Add the following to your PATH. 


   Then go to the directory where you have your DAJ code. To compile 

   dajc *.cd [*.trv] *.java

   To run you DAJ compiled application use: 

   daj Main inputs (assuming Main is the start class)

DAJ Example.

To read more about the new DAJ, go to 
the New DAJ Homepage.

Please use the above version of DAJ although you might find others
on the web.

DemeterJ is still actively used but no longer updated.

Sometimes it is useful to port DemeterJ applications to DAJ.
Here are some guidelines.

Converting DemeterJ applications to DAJ applications
files to be copied are in reuse-for-daj

Copy the class dictionary into a new directory
and remove class Main.

Copy file Main.java and Sample.trv into the directory.

Copy files compile and run into the directory.

Call compile.

Daj should succeed in generating the classes.

When you use the run command, it should
print "done".

Copy program.input (input file into your directory).

Change the StartClass at two places.


Now you have a parser that should print "done".

To get some simple behavior, copy Sample2.trv and Printer.java
into your directory. Change in Sample2.trv the start class
in choose in Printer.java a suitable class in the scope
of the traversal.
Also update Main.java by adding a call to listAll2().


parses and executes the traversal contained in listAll2().