In the Algorithms Course we will use a team-based approach to problem solving. The class will be divided into groups of 3 students who have been carefully selected to have optimal group dynamics. At the beginning of a problem solving session, a claim will be posted which defines some computational problem for which we want a fast solution. We borrow a metaphor from Chinese medicine: it is important to balance yin and yang in our lives. In the debates it is important to balance collaboration and competition. They are about maintaining a balance between over-estimation and under-estimation of problem solutions: The Falsifier makes sure that the solution of the Verifier is not over estimated (it gives it a hard test) and the Verifier makes sure that its own solution is not underestimated (it can stand up against any hard tests). Debates represent the yin-yang of a problem solver. And a good problem solver needs to be good in playing both the yin and yang role, just as in real life.