Collective Problem Solving on Piazza

Some of the problem solving tasks we will approach collectively through Piazza. Because we have 50+ students we have to be careful that we don't have information overload. Therefore, try to find the optimal solutions for the claims and only post when you think you have found the optimum. Test your defense with your partner before you post on Piazza. Also only post on Piazza, if you Given is a claim family with a stronger relation: c1 => c2 means that c1 is stronger than c2 and c1!=c2. => is logical implication. Intuitively, c1 is "harder" to defend than c2. We also say that c2 is weaker than c1. Our objective is to find the strongest claim in a claim family. Given is a claim family c(q in Q) where q ranges over a finite set of numbers Q with a minimum element qmin and a maximum element qmax. We assume that c(qmax) is true and c(qmin) is false. We define a derived claim: c-min() = (Exists q in Q: c(q)) and (ForAll q' HSR(n,k,q')) if q HSR(7,2,4) The first claim on Piazza: HSR(25,2,9)