The Piazza Influence on the Scientific Community Game (SCG)

SCG is a teaching and innovation tool for Computational Science. The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee wrote: "Computational Science" the use of advanced computing capabilities to understand and solve complex problems, has become critical to scientific leadership, economic competitiveness, and national security. A computational scientist develops and implements algorithms for deliverable software applications. Maps applications to platforms and interfaces internally developed libraries with other software. Generates, analyzes, and visualizes results from applications. This semester, I used Piazza in combination with SCG. The students solved (simple) computational problems in weekly assignments. Once they developed and implemented an algorithm with help from the text book and the web, they posted secrets partial protocol check later Scientific method Newton claims: The apple falls from height n in f(n) milliseconds. Refutation protocol Opposer does experiment with nature in challenging context and measures time. Does prediction hold? You claim: My algorithm ALG-PROP finishes correctly on input of size n in f(n) VM instructions. Refutation protocol Opposer does experiment with algorithm with challenging input and measures VM instructions. Does prediction hold?