Wholesale Oil Paintings Direct from China

Subject: Wholesale Oil Paintings Direct from China
From: Bruce (zan@artinternationalwholesale.com)
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 04:49:13 EDT

For the attention of the Business Development Director or Business Owner


I have been asked to forward details of our original oil paintings at wholesale prices.

Firstly if this message is not for you would you kindly forward it to the person responsible and be kind enough to let me know. Many Thanks. If you have received this mail in error our apologies, permanent removal instructions are at the foot of this page.

So, what can we do to help your business sell more original oil paintings and be more profitable?

 Deal direct with the artists and save money!

 No minimum order quantity!

Send more details please

 One of the major problems is stock!

  • How much to have?


  • Framed or unframed stock?


  • Which styles are the customers looking for now and how long will the fashion last?


  • How much can they now afford in these changed economic times?


  • What could you do with the extra cash not tied up in unnecessary stock? 

Would it not be nice to have the answers to all these questions all the time?

Of course, but realistically it is not possible to get it right ALL the time so we have to improve every area as much as we can.

 This is where Art International Wholesale can be of real benefit to your business.

 We can help you take some the risk from the situations mentioned above.

 Solution 1

  • This means that you can take the order after choosing from over 9500 pictures (instead of guessing what the customer may want and having more money than necessary tied up in stock)  knowing that a short delivery period will help you make the sale that may well have otherwise been lost.

  • You may supply the frame yourself or order the frames (bulk orders only) chosen by your customer.

  • We have over 9500 images online of paintings   available either by return courier or very short delivery time (5 to 15 days from the time of your order from us)


Solution 2

  • You do not wish to consult our website with your customer merely use it for fast ordering and re-ordering online or by phone or fax.

  • Great, this will still mean that you make most of the savings above as you will know that you can rely on us to supply on time so that you will gradually be able to reduce your unwanted stock levels thus allowing you to direct this capital to other areas of your business.


Oh! I nearly forgot Price!

To give you an example,  20 x 24 (50 x 60 cm) from $USD 8.00 to $USD 24.00 depending on quantity and quality. 

We also supply Masterpiece reproductions at a range of pricing from about $40.00

But for a more complete pricing schedule with your discount entitlement please get more details here.


Kind regards,


Business Development

Art International LLC


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