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Subject: karaoke !!
From: KJ Paul (sa2402@eclipse.co.uk)
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 15:18:33 EST


         1. Burn Your Karaoke Discs With A Normal Cdr !!!

            2. Ripp Your Cd+g To File (Mp3+g) Then If A Cd Gets Damaged Or
Lost You Burn !!Another!!

3. Make Custom Discs (Lose Them Unwanted Songs You Know The Ones No One Has
Ever Heard Of !

4. Put Your Own Header, Photo & 20 Second Wave File At The Begining Of Your
Discs (You Can Use This To Advertise Your Show Or Website) !!

5. Create Your Own Tracks, Change Lyrics Then Burn To Disc (This Can Be
Used To Create Comedy Or Adult Materal, Lyrics Can Be Downloaded Free Off
Various Sites So You Can Import Them Into The Program)!!!

6. Learn How To Repair A Cd+g That Has Corrupt Graphics !!!.

!Ask yourself these few ????
How much money have you spent on disc's

Have you ever lost a disc or had disc's stolen

How many of your disc's jump music or visually

how many songs in your collection have people never sung because no one has
ever heard of them

Have you ever broke a disc & then contacted the manufacturer to see how
much a replacement would cost as you have already paid the royalties And
how many of them gave you a discount.

What you get for 20 quid
Karaoke Doctor v1.9

Access to the member's only area on our website

Download free cdg player

Download free cdg repair studio

Use of our karaoke message forum

Advertise your show or website free

Lifetime email support

GBP (uk) 19.99

USD (USA) $36.95

& EURO 31.34 EUR

Rino Karaoke systems inc has the right to change any offers without notice,
When you purchase you will be sent download instuctions By Email
Due to the high demand of Karaoke Doctor it is now only available
on cdrom at special request with an added 5 fee
as we simply cant cope

But we supply you with instuction's so you can burn the program yourself
for backup purposes



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