Telephone Calls Monitoring Software (Call Master)

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Telephone Outgoing Call, Missed Call & Incoming Call Monitoring

Just 5 Minutes Installation to Get you Connected On line in Full Control of your Company

Telephone Call Monitoring & Management Software

   Incoming Call- Outgoing Call- Missed Call- Payment Collection Call done - Client Follow up Call Done Or Not- Full Monitor


Call Master M2

( Business Watch )


Will Help You Directly Once You Install It!

Never Loose Track Of Any Missed Call  - (Print List Of all Not Answered Calls To regenerate Business)

Know Who Is Working or Just Talking - (Auto Company Name or Avenue Name Viewing for In/Out Calls)

Get Notified Directly on Line Abuse - (Repeated calls, Expensive Calls, Long Calls ++)

Trace Any Call To/From Competitors, Black Listed or Avoidable destinations (Color Coded and Voice Alerts)

Control Expensive Calls and Long Calls (Trace Per Shift/Department/Employee from date to date)

Follow-up Alerts and Reports For Clients, Prospect Clients, Collections, and Other Quality Service Monitored Classifications

(List of All Your un-followed clients and those whom were not called for last 7 days... Aging Reports)

Total Control Over Incoming And Outgoing Calls - (Full Reporting with wizard Driven selections)

Study Hourly Staff and Department Performance - (Charts, Graphs and Tables)

Visualize Charts On City and Countries Coverage Activity (Map, Reports and Graphs)

Utter Staff Serviceability and Marketing Performance (Calls Answered, Initiated, Response Time, and Number Of Points Collected)

Properly Bill and Charge Personal Or Guest Calls - (Easy Billing and Accounting To Protect your Company)

Compare Monthly Traffic and Expense - (Click and View)




The Most User Friendly Software

Just 5 Minutes Installation to Get you Connected To Watch your Company Traffic On Screen

Fully Automated and PC Driven Call Progress Analysis with Voice Warnings and Hourly Summary


Other Features Include:

     International Rates Ready      Public Business Directory Included*       Flexible Numbers Classification      Reports, Charts, & Graphs        

Smart Search Engine  Multi User - Multi Telephone System - Multi Branch*  Point and Click User Friendly  On line Active Monitoring   




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   We will Do it All for You: Software Installation On Your PC, Cable Connection To Your Phone System, Training, Free Tech Support on Phone 24 Hours, 4 Free Visits Coupons

Local and International DISTRIBUTORS FOR GCC, Middle East, Africa and Near East Countries Are Welcome


   Software Works On All Telephone Systems In GCC: Etisalat, Nitsuko, Meridian, Nortel, Siemens, Fujitsu, Mitel, Alkatel, Ericsson, Philips,++

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