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Turning Music Into Gold
Second Edition
By Jeff Mulligan & Ryan Burger

Completely revised and updated from the original 1992 edition. Turning Music Into Gold is written specifically to help mobile Disc Jockeys get more gigs and make more money. This highly targeted DJ book is filled with ideas, strategies and tactics that will help you out-market, out-advertise and out-sell your competition. Eleven chapters (plus reference material appendixes and over 130 dense pages tell you what you need to know to effectively market your DJ business in a competitive market. There is no fluff here. Just solid information and tested ideas guaranteed to make you money.

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  Hiring: The Secret to a Successful Reputation
By J. Matt Martindale

"Finally! A book that spurs the process of creating a surefire hiring and training program and manual for Mobile DJs! Consistency of quality is one of the major components that is lacking in the Mobile DJ Industry today. Matt Martindale carefully leads you through the steps of developing your own program that is unique to your specific company. Every Mobile DJ should own this workbook and use it often!” -Mark K. Ferrell, Owners of and The "Getting What You're Worth" Seminar Series, Temecula, CA

“Details with a capital D! This book is an important tool for growing your business…     a keen sense of detail picking up overlooked specifics that most Disc Jockey’s miss.”  -Mark (Peace) Thomas, American Disc Jockey Association President 2001/2002 and Operator of Awesome Entertainment, Pasadena, CA

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DJ Games
For All Types Of Parties

by Marc A Pears

This collection of party games is organized in four chapters: Games for General Audience with props, Games for General Audience without props, Games for Adults with props, Games for Adults without props. Marc has also added a list of theme parties and fourteen samples of organizing theme parties. 

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