Re: design patterns for adaptive programming

Subject: Re: design patterns for adaptive programming
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 10:31:47 EDT

Hi Ralf:

>it is a pleasure to release the major revision
>of our pattern paper on strategic programming.
>in case you recently printed out the first
>version, the new one is really improved, so
>it's worth a replacement.

Thank you for your paper. The pattern style makes your work more accessible
to me.

While your work is for the functional programming community
and we focus on the needs of the oo and ao programmer,
there are many common themes.

It is interesting to see how we use similar names:

You use "Propagation Pattern" in the sense of our "transportation patterns".

We use "propagation patterns" and "Adaptive Visitor Pattern" in the sense
of your "Traversal Scheme Pattern" and "Traversal Pattern".

You can read about our propagation patterns, transportation patterns
and Adaptive Visitor Pattern in my book (see below for URL and page numbers).

-- Karl
Readers of both of our works will get confused
because we use the same words to mean different things.
Do you dislike our term "transportation pattern"? I think it would help
if you called your "Propagation Pattern": "Transportation Pattern".

AUTHOR = "Karl J. Lieberherr",
TITLE = "Adaptive Object-Oriented Software:
The Demeter Method with Propagation Patterns",
PUBLISHER = "PWS Publishing Company, Boston",
YEAR = "1996",
NOTE = "ISBN 0-534-94602-X"

Transportation patterns: chapter 10

pages 309 - 356

Propagation patterns: chapters 8 and 9

pages 202 - 308

Adaptive Visitor Pattern: exercise 13.2, page 425

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