more accessible Strategic Programming

Subject: more accessible Strategic Programming
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Sun Jun 09 2002 - 10:59:37 EDT

Ralf Laemmel and Jost Visser have written a design pattern paper that makes
their work on Strategic Programming more accessible.

Traversals are central to their approach and this paper might help people
to appreciate the role of traversals in programming.

-- Karl

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>Subject: Re: design patterns for adaptive programming
>Dear Karl,
>Karl Lieberherr wrote:
>> ja, das ist eine gute Referenz. Ich habe diese Patterns regelmaessig in
>> meinen Kursen verwendet. Bitte kannst Du uns Deine Design Patterns
>> fuer Strategische Programmierung senden.
>it is a pleasure to release the major revision
>of our pattern paper on strategic programming.
>in case you recently printed out the first
>version, the new one is really improved, so
>it's worth a replacement.
>Have a nice weekend,
>Dr.-Ing. Ralf Laemmel
>CWI & VU, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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