One more quick update for DJs... (free demo & trial)

Subject: One more quick update for DJs... (free demo & trial)
From: DJ Intelligence / DJ Webmin (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 16:23:44 EST

DJ Intelligence

Dear DJ/KJ or Mobile Entertainer,

Please take a short moment to read through this informative email and try our free demo. Our system is designed by DJs for DJs and we think it can help your website as it already has for hundreds of other DJs! (FREE DEMO)

DJ Intelligence is an all-in-one solution for your existing DJ website! You get a powerful music search & request system, interactive event planning, dynamic availability checker and a high-tech event inquiry & reservation system PLUS submission of your DJ website to OVER 792,000 search engines, directories & link sites, all for under a hundred bucks!

Add this system to your DJ website today in under 5 minutes! It will match your main website almost exactly!


Action packed with features your clients WANT but you can't get anywhere else! Visit today for more information and to immediately set up your system! Get setup before your competition does.

As seen in Mobile Beat, DJZone/DJChat/DJ-Mall, DJ Advantage,, and many more!

"Thanks very much for a brilliant new tool to enhance my business. This is probably the best thing to happen to the DJ industry in years!  I think MP3 DJing was the last great thing!"
David Saunders - Get Ritzy Disc Jockey Co.

"I have been looking for many years for a way to put my entire music database online where my current and potential clients could make music selections customized to their own tastes. Looks like I found it with DJ Intelligence. The folks at DJ Intelligence emailed me right away with answers to my 'how do I do this..' questions. Thanks to their help, I even added the genre to my database. I'm always ahead of the game in my market, and DJ Intelligence just gave me another tool to stay ahead!"
John Gallagher - John Gallagher Mobile Disc Jockey


DJ Webmin might be your solution if you've been trying to find the EASIEST way to:

DJ Webmin will make your DJ company easier to manage than ever, and you can manage it anywhere you have internet access!

Visit and take a free trial of your new DJ company management solution today!

"I'm not a full-time DJ company, I work during the day at a 9-5 job. I get calls all day regarding my DJ services when I'm at work and nothing out there for dj administration software allowed me to do what your program does. With DJ Webmin I just log on through my internet browser and it's like I was able to carry my DJ company with me to work. Your program has made everything easier, that is worth every penny it costs. I'm glad I was told about you!"
Maxwell Fremont - Maximum Entertainment

DJ Intelligence and DJ Webmin packages are available along with web-hosting and marketing options. CLICK HERE

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read our email. We truly appreciate it! If you are planning on attending the Mobile Beat DJ show in Chicago this June, please stop by our booth and say hello!

Your friends and partners at
DJ Intelligence
DJ Webmin


Please note: We value and respect your privacy. As a mobile DJ, KJ or entertainer, we would like to keep you as a member of our list. We will only email to you a couple times per year with important technology information impacting the DJ industry. Please give consideration to remaining a part of our community.

If you know of any other DJs in the industry, we would greatly appreciate your referral. Please pass this message along.

If you are not a DJ and received this message in error, please accept our sincere apologies and follow the link to be immediately removed.

Due to bounce-backs, replies to this alias are not monitored. Please email us from our website with any questions. Thank you!

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