COM 3362 final class

Subject: COM 3362 final class
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 14:33:52 EST

Instead of the final we have a review session for the homeworks
or projects you worked on:

We have 8 students and 160 minutes which gives us 8 15 minute
presentations followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

Please discuss and compare hw solutions as follows:

1. Problem posed
2. Solutions found
3. What was learned from process
4. Summarize best solutions from the entire class
5. Suggestions for future exercises

8 students: 160 minutes: 20 minutes

Each student focusses primarily on one exercise:

Laura: 3 (Inheritance Anomalies)
Paul: Combining AspectJ and Demeter (5-7)
Ed: 4 (Caching)
Jeff: Composition Filters in AspectJ
Jianfeng: 6 (Personalities)
Qian: 8 (FunctionalVisitor)

Theo: The ABB Aspect System and what we can
      learn from it from an AOSD point of view.

Pengcheng: Traversal-Related Concerns with DJ and AspectJ
  (talk about his paper).

-- Karl
PS. Please remember to put your solutions in:
Create a subdirectory with you CCS login name.
This is important for the evaluation to be done.

PS 2. Please bring a diskette to class with either
a powerpoint presentation or a pdf or ps file.

PS 3. I come back from a trip to Washington on Tuesday.
The class starts therefore at 6.30 and goes till 9.30.
Hope this is ok.

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