Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns

Subject: Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns
From: Karl Lieberherr (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 10:13:42 EST

NU Programming Languages Seminar
Thursday, February 27, 2002
306 Egan Hall, Northeastern University

Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns

Harold Ossher and Peri Tarr
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Multi-dimensional separation of concerns is a new approach to
constructing, integrating and evolving software. Developers can
decompose and organize code and other artifacts according to multiple,
arbitrary criteria (concerns) simultaneously--even after the software
has been implemented--and synthesize or integrate the pieces into
larger-scale components and systems. This facilitates several common
development and evolution activities, including: adaptation,
customization and instrumentation; addition and mix-and-match of
features; reconciliation and integration of multiple domain models;
reuse and product line management; extraction or replacement of
existing parts of software; and "on-demand remodularization."

In this talk, we will introduce and illustrate the concepts behind
multi-dimensional separation of concerns, discuss how it relates to
aspect-oriented software development, and briefly describe Hyper/J,
our support for Java(tm) developers. We will discuss experience with
Hyper/J, and a number of interesting and challenging research
problems that remain.

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